April 23, 2014

2014 NBA Playoffs: Wiz Kids

On Tuesday night in Chicago, the nation got their first glimpse of John Wall and Bradley Beal's maturation process. The youthful backcourt along with Nene's 17 points and 7 rebounds, helped the Wizards snag away Game 2 of the series from Chicago 101-99.

Beal led the way with 26 points, 7 rebounds and 4 three pointers, and Wall pitched in with 16 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists.

Bradley made several big shots down the stretch for his ball club, and although he clanked the potential game winning shot at the end of regulation, Washington may have not been in the situation to crown themselves victorious without Beal and his 11 fourth quarter points.

Wall may not have shot the ball well, but his impact in the contest proved to be pivotal in delivering Washington a win. He showed confidence, belief and poise, something you wouldn't expect from a young point guard in their first playoff series.

This game, these moments are important in the development in a young tandem such as Wall and Beal. Through these critical playoff moments they garner experience, which is one of the games best teachers. Knowing how to conduct yourself in crunch time is what allows certain duo's and or teams to elevate their status from good to great.

Having that trust, belief and fluency between two players is a beautiful thing to watch. John and Brad are beginning to have their talents mesh, and sooner or later it will become overwhelming for the majority of their foes.

Many accuse Wall of being an inconsistent jump shooter, but where one lacks the other excels. Wall wields incredible quickness and athletic ability, along with solid court vision and a knack for scoring. He can get to the hole and penetrate beautifully.

Beal on the other hand, punctures through the toughest defense with his sly pick and roll play and deep range from three. His beautiful stroke becomes a burden for the opposition, as he hammers them with three point bombs all night long.

These two young players are special. When you have special talent, your team is guaranteed special moments. This can be considered one of the first, as Washington holds onto it's first 2-0 series lead since 1982, well before Wall or Beal were born.

With growth comes pains. At times Wall and Beal may folly and or endure some sort of failure. There will for sure be mistakes, but when these miscues become a rare occurrence, you know you've made the leap from good to great.

I am personally happy for both of these players, as I've been high on Bradley Beal since his days at Florida. I developed a deep infatuation with his game, and alerted all my friends to be on the lookout for him.

In Wall's case, I have a deep respect for him as he's stuck it out in Washington. Wall came into the NBA with not the sharpest basketball IQ or shooting ability. He's worked on both, and it's impact has been evident all season long.

He never complained when Washington was a team plagued by egocentric and immature players. He Wall never pouted when changes were made. He focused on himself, and did everything he could to improve his game, and power Washington to the postseason. They are here now, and are making plenty of noise with a 2-0 series lead.

Wall and Beal are proving to basketball fans that they are a tandem to be reckoned with. Wall was rewarded for his stellar play with his first ever all-star appearance this year, and Beal is just beginning to scratch the surface of his all-star talent.

These two guys are on their way to stardom. For basketball fans, buckle up and enjoy the show, it's going to be fascinating watching these two take major steps towards greatness.

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