August 16, 2012

Bynum The Future In Philly?

Walking into the Wells Fargo Center game 6 of the Eastern conference semi finals, after my ticket was scanned for entry you’re immediately handed a blue t-shirt which has the 6ers logo with the words: “Passionate.Intense.Proud” and a white towel. Standing tall and proud screaming at the top of my lungs waving that towel, looking to the right and left of me, across the stadium, everyone in unison. Those three worlds symbolize us 6er fans in a nut shell. In the sea of blue I stood, it was playoff basketball , and to add a cherry on top with the return of my all time personal favorite player Allen Iverson the emotion and energy in the building was at an all time high. The 6ers ultimately delivered an impressive victory on that night but as we all know were eliminated the next game in which Boston who would advance to the Eastern conference finals. A season which had its highs and lows, one moment we thought Philly would finish amongst the top in the East, the next we barley crawled in at an 8th seed. So what does the future hold for the 6ers? We have a great head coach in Doug Collins accompanied by youthful core group.  Great promise and expectations are expected from us 6er fans as we continue to ride the wave of potential, but that’s all it has seemed to be.  With the dark cloud of 10 + years since we last reached the finals during the Iverson era and 20 + years since we last raised the Larry O’Brien trophy in Philadelphia, which was lead by another one of the most legendary 6ers and best big men to ever play the game in Moses Malone. The 6ers have not had a center piece let alone a center that can defend rebound and score at a high rate in more then a few years now. Since the Moses Malone era its been 20 + years  without a presence in the paint impacting the game both offensively and defensively. I guess that was a recipe we have strayed away from, well that is until we recently acquired Andrew Bynum from the LA Lakers. At first thought when I saw this trade I emotionally reacted to the fact that Iguodala was apart of the trade. Iguodala a blue collared athletic wing man, recent gold medal winner was the hardest working 6er for the passed 5 plus seasons. All though "Iggy" did all if not more then he was asked for, but he just wasn’t the super star we needed to get us over the hump. As my emotions settled I realized he may have given us all the he could as a second tier star at best. In fact his worth as trade bait may have proved more beneficial then anything he has done on the court in a 6er uniform, sad to say. Even though it would have been nice to keep him, to now have a big man especially one who is considered one of the top 2 if not THE top center in today’s game is scarce and quiet frankly something the 6ers haven’t had in years. So maybe trading our AI to Denver won't sting as much this time around, sore subject for me the first time around needless to say. But getting back to the topic, now I’m not saying we will go out and win the championship next season or Bynum will be the next Moses Malone but I am saying we are now a legitimate squad that will once again make the playoffs and compete at a high level. I’d like to consider myself a basketball realist and I know there will be a couple more pieces that need to be added as well as the maturation of a few of our young players before we can start the championship aspirations, but hey we are on the right path. Also to add the summer is not over yet so who knows if more moves are to made, but I like where managements heads are at. We now have something 90% of the league is struggling to establish, a true big man. With Collins coaching him up I believe Bynum and the 6ers are prime for a great season, dare I say top 4 in the east? And yes I said Bynum and the 6ers because this is now his team and his time to prove he is worthy of being a primary option. In addition he is going to receive the "Kobe treatment" in Germany so health should continue to be on his side, at least we hope (knock on wood). I’m not going to jump the gun but as a loyal 6er fan I am impressed by this move as we now have our center piece for the future. So #Showyaluv 6er nation! We're going  to be in the upper echelon of the Eastern conference for years to come!


  1. You seem reluctant to admit that your team has significantly improved. Top 4 in the East is more possible now than it was last year. Not only are your Sixers legitimate and going to the playoffs again, but you have the best big man in the Eastern conference! You don't seem too grateful.

  2. I clearly stated that this is a huge step in the right direction, Bynum greatly improves us. To look at the big picture a top 4 seed is cute but we(6er fans) want to see a championship brought back to Philly.

  3. Half of your post was about losing Iggy, not getting Bynum. Your tone doesn't suggest you believe Bynum even makes you a contender in the East.

  4. I stated Bynum gives us a presence we haven't had in 20 years. My comments on Iggy were my sympathy of loosing a player who put in work for us for years.I also stated his worth as bait as part of the deal to acquire Bynum was more beneficial then anything he's done on the floor for us.

  5. A statement none could argue, but you said about four generic sentences about Bynum helping your team. Maybe I'm wrong, but your tone doesn't feel too joyful about the NBA's most dominant big man last year joining your team.

  6. Does Bynum make us better then the Miami Heat? No. I wrote adding Bynum gives us something we have not had in over 20 years, that he our center piece for the future, Its a step in the right direction. 6er fans want to see a championship and there will have to be a couple more additions for that to happen. I don't have to jump for joy to prove his significance, I'm being realistic. Its been over 20 years, with this move we proved were hungry and were coming.

  7. As a Sixer fan, I'm PUMPED UP. I feel like Bynum will have a chip on his shoulder this season. Acquiring Nick Young, Dorrell Wright, and Jason Richardson surrounds our quality big-man with some sharpshooters.

    To me, the future of the team hinges on the play of these four sixers who are returning:

    Jrue Holiday- Has to increase his assist totals, but still look to penetrate and score.

    Thad Young/Spencer Hawes- It'll be interesting to see who Collins starts at the four. I like Young, but Bynum said in his presser that he's more comfortable playing with another big (a la Pau Gasol). Spencer Hawes would be that guy, and if he could play like he played at the beginning of last season, we could be in for a great year.

    Evan Turner- The better he plays, the better our team, period. If he lives up to the #2 pick, we'll be set. Collins is handing him the keys this year so we'll see how well he copes.

  8. I agree with everything you said Galen, as a fellow 6er I am excited for this upcoming season and the future as well. Couple things Ive pondered though.Jrue and Evan need to take that next step but Thad always gets me, there nights where he looks like the best player on the floor then he will disappear for a few games, I was always curious to see if he could play more of the 3 especially now that Iggy is gone. With his skill set ball handle, athleticism defensive ability I would like to see if that would give us more production then using him as an undersized 4. Especially with the big names at the 3 spot in the east, Pierce, James, Melo I think he gives us the best option taking those guys on. With Lavoy Allen, Hawes, Kwame, Bynum in the front court maybe this could make that transition easier.Also at the backup point guard spot we signed Maalik Wayns from Villanova, an under the radar signing but at 6'2 200lbs I think he might be someone to keep on the radar as he may prove to be a viable backup.

  9. Well I think Collins is better off going with Spencer Hawes at the 4. I think Thad is better served bringing energy off the bench with his versatility and all the things Tommy eluded to. Here's the thing, the pace of the Sixers is about to change. With Bynum on the floor you're not a transition team anymore. Far from it actually. Starting Thad at the 4 would assume two things: you're trying to play uptempo, and you're basically going 4-out-1-in with Bynum on the inside. He hasn't shown to be a great post passer yet. In LA he was usually on the receiving end of Pau's high/low passes, not vise versa.

  10. Very good points. Definitely forgot that we won't be a run and gun team anymore. Thad off the bench will be that burst of energy. I'm still curious about the starting lineup though.

    Is it:

    C- Bynum
    F- Hawes
    F- Turner
    G- Richardson
    G- Holiday

    Eh, at the end of the day, I'm gonna be going crazy with this team in 2K lol.

  11. Haha at the end of the day it comes down to 2k! I am curious as well. Collins might go with that Flip Saunders three guard format. Like Tommy pointed out, there's definitely a void at the 3 spot with Iggy gone.

  12. To Tommy's previous point: Of course Philly is still not better than Miami. But guess what? They now have something Miami doesn't. For the first time since The Decision, the 76ers will have a legitimate shot at beating Miami for that very reason.


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