May 15, 2012

Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers

Martin Soaries

"The Big Two"
          Chris Bosh being injured has an immediate impact on the Miami Heat. So far he is giving them close to 15 points and 6 rebounds a game in the postseason. He is the undisputed third option alongside two of the best players in the world. Bosh's role for Miami is not easily replacable, but now strictly because of their star power, Miami will still beat Indiana. Why? Because in reality they have always struck me as more of a 'big two' than a 'big three'. Don't get me wrong, Chris Bosh's assets are invaluable. He strecthes the floor and makes good decisions on offense, not to mention a 51 percent field goal percentage so far in the playoffs, which is the best on the team. But I think we saw something very clear and concrete in Game 1, the Pacers have absolutely no answer for LeBron and Wade. Now what makes Bron especially great is his passing ability, he makes life easier for his teammates by setting them up for wide open shots and dunks with all the attention he attracts. Wade is the same way. But when Bron and Wade combine to outscore an entire team by 4 points in a half, which they did to do Indiana in Game 1 after Bosh got hurt, it shows just how good they still are without Chris Bosh. However, I think Miami will feel the loss of Bosh more and more as they go further. A lot of times we see Erik Spoelstra exert the luxury of resting LeBron while have Wade on the floor and vise versa. Unfortunately, without Bosh's offensive contributions, I fear we might start to see a little too much ball domination from these two. LeBron on the floor without Wade and Bosh might as well be the Cleveland Cavaliers of old. Consistent scoring is scarce from the Miami role players, aside from Udonis Haslem who has proven himself as more than reliable over the years. But like I said, the Indiana Pacers are not experienced or talented enough to figure out how to attack Miami, let alone attempt to contain the MVP and his running mate. Without Chris Bosh, Miami probably still wins this series in 5. If we see a Miami/Boston Conference semifinal, I think we find out just how good Miami is with their almighty Big Two. 

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