July 16, 2012

Lin or Felton? Who would you rather have?

When I first heard the news that the Knickerbockers were considering bringing back Raymond Felton, I thought to myself, why? Then it dawned on me, would I pay a player over $25 million that only played in a handful of games before being sidelined with a minor knee injury that kept him out of the playoffs? I was even fooled by Linsanity for the span of that winning streak until I saw the Miami Heat pick him apart. So now the question remains, Lin or Felton? If this was just the regular season I would take Lin, but its not. Raymond would be a better long term fit for the New York Knicks.

Raymond Felton is an all around complimentary point guard who averaged 13 points and nearly 7 assists consistently throughout his career. He has the speed and tenacity to compete against the elite teams in the East. Felton has the ability to get into the paint and run an offense while letting the superstars surrounding him maintain the spotlight. He can hit shots while being knocked around in the paint. The Knicks know what they are getting from this guy day in and day out. He has another advantage, veteran Jason Kidd in his ear throughout the entire season, something he has yet to have in his career. With Kidd's assistance they can, correction they will make a deep run this year as long as Melo cooperates with the team's vision.

Jeremy Lin is a point guard who understands the game. He is a good distributor who knows where everyone is on the floor. Clearly he is a great marketing tool guaranteed to sell you tickets and apparel. With all that being said I believe he is more of a distraction than an all star point guard. Remember, this guy was getting MVP chants his 4th game played with the Knicks. Seriously? He is an offensive liability with his tendency to get locked in the air and commit turnovers. Who wants a point guard that averages the same amount of assists and turnovers? Linsanity went nationwide based off of 6 games, for me that is not enough. 35 games does not tell me you deserve more than 25 million dollars. Point guards who have established themselves in the league aren't even seeing that kind of cash. 

Did I mention the defensive liability the Knicks take on with Lin running the show? He cannot keep up with the point guards he will see during the post season if the Knicks decide to match the Rockets' offer sheet. The day I saw Mario Chalmers and Lebron James literally rip his heart out of his chest, I knew Lin was not ready for the big show. Not yet. For the record, I am not a Knicks fan at all, just giving my input.

- J.B.



  1. From a basketball perspective, I'm not sure Raymond Felton gives you anything Jeremy Lin can't besides toughness. Maybe the Knicks need that kind of toughness more than what Lin brings to the table. In terms of what they can expect from Felton "day in and day out", all we've seen from him these days is being in poor shape. In a basketball sense, I'm not so sure Raymond Felton wins you more games than Jeremy Lin would.

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