June 08, 2012

An Epic performance from the King keeps the haters at bay....for now

     Last night we all "witnessed" yeah I said it, witnessed an epic performance from the 3 time league MVP LeBron James. With his team on the brink of elimination and just about all the experts writing off the Heat, King James came up huge with 45 points 15 rebounds and 5 assists in a convincing win from start to finish. Every time you felt as if the momentum was shifting in Boston's favor, another big shot was drained in by LeBron to let the Celtics know it just wasn't happening, not on his watch. The look in his eyes of determination, the focus, not looking to the refs for any calls just simply execution. Coming into this game, Lebron had an overall record of 2-6 in games where his squad was facing elimination. Dagger after dagger right into the C's hearts the man was simply in a league of his own. One would think that his performance last night was a huge testament to his growth as a player, finally showing the heart which has been in question in past post season play. Yet, that brilliant performance could all but be forgotten if the Heat don't come out and finish the C's off on their home court come Saturday night. Will we see another performance like this from the King? Or will the C's send Miami home and leave the "haters" with an "I told you so" smile on their face, and the rest of us scratching our heads as to when potentially the greatest "talent" to ever play the game will finally break through. James is 0-2 in his career in game 7's, so the odds are against him once again. Will he prove the doubters and the naysayers wrong yet again?  Or will he revert back to old habits of his alter ego the "Frozen One?" I believe the "Chosen One" will deliver  another big time performance and all the hatred will be silenced - well that is at least for another 48 hours, until the finals start.

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